Job Title Job Number Location
Senior Electro-Mechanical Technician TECH-2006 College Park
The Senior Electro-Mechanical Technician supports Redox engineers by performing many functions in the fabrication, assembly, and testing of fuel cell components and systems.
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Senior Materials Characterization & Processing Technician TECH-2007 College Park
The Senior Materials Characterization & Processing Technician position involves materials characterization, test optimization, fuel cell materials processing, and creating and updating process documentation. This position performs a wide range of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) material testing and processing activities to support cell development and manufacturing efforts. The position is responsible for a variety of characterization and related duties.
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Senior Mechanical Assembly Technician TECH-2005 College Park
The Senior Mechanical Assembly Technician will assemble and install solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) stacks for operation in support of development and production efforts. Supporting tasks will include preparation of components used in stack assemblies, maintaining and organizing component inventory, performing electrical and mechanical measurements and comparing them to requirements, and documentation of measurements and assembly results.
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